About StormChaserd

Daniel Tournay is a Photographer/Videographer, who graduated from CVHS and Pittsburgh Technical Institute. His passion for editing videos began when he was hired to edit a montage for Helen Hunt to open a speech that she was giving. Other than editing, Daniel has a lot of other interests. He very much enjoys paranormal investigations. Daniel also loves storm chasing, and is a licensed, active Storm Spotter. Every year because of Daniel’s love for storms and the movie “Twister”, he partakes in an event located in Wakita, Oklahoma where the movie was filmed and hopes to one day capture video/image of a tornado during his visit in Oklahoma. On a lighter side, Daniel enjoys Kelly Clarkson. One image from NYC was nominated as a finalist in an Empire State Building Photo Contest and was displayed in the Empire State Building’s lobby.In 2014 he began to love taking pictures as much as videography. He created a business named StormChaserD to honor his love for storms and to honor his Grandfather’s memory. Daniel would spend hours with his grandfather listening to him tell stories about when he was in the Navy during WWII how he would see Waterspouts